Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation for the shooting sports industry is available nationwide providing alternative insurance programs other than state funds for gun ranges (indoor/outdoor), sporting clays, skeet and trap fields, archery clubs, public or private ranges and clubs, gun ranges with gun sales, retail gun stores and game preservers.

We have multiple recourses as well to provide Workers Compensation for campgrounds, paintball, marina’s, golf courses, and other indoor/outdoor recreational services you may offer to your clients.

In addition we provide Workers Compensation for Outfitters and Guides that operate in the US states. Best Shoot Insurance also has excess to several alternative programs providing accidental coverage for guides as well as participants in recreational activities.

Our focus is to round out your insurance needs and offer risk management solutions to help mitigate claims. With the ability to excess multiple resources for your Workers Compensation needs in many states, we are a violable partner in your insurance program.

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