Comparisons of Hunt Lease Liability Programs: Cost and Coverage: The American Hunting Lease Association’s mission is to provide hunters across America with the best hunting liability insurance for a reasonable price. To get your Instant FREE Quote from AHLA Click on this link: FREE Instant Quote We have researched and use a lot of different […]

Workplace Violence Coverage FAQ* *Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is the focus of this FAQ? Sadly, the businesses and institutions where we work are sometimes ground zero for violent events. Disgruntled employees, former employees, their family members or even outsiders may choose to vent their anger or even engage in political terrorism, using your facilities […]

Crane Agency is currently being recognized for excellence in a number of different categories: 1. Insurance Business America – Elite Agencies 2. St. Louis Post Dispatch – Top Work Places 3. St. Louis Business Journal – Largest Insurance Brokerage Firms 4. St. Louis Business Journal – Largest Employee Benefits Firms 5. Insurance Journal – Top […]

​The 2017 hurricane season was the most expensive in American history, with the majority of damage caused by the infamous trio of storms: Harvey, Irma and Maria. These three hurricanes were among 17 named storms that combined to cause more than $200 billion in damages in the 2017 hurricane season. In terms of human lives […]

Hired and Non-Owned Auto FAQ* *Frequently Asked Questions 1. I have auto insurance for my business automobiles. What does this provide? Although you have purchased a Business Auto Policy (BAP) for your owned or leased automobiles, this does not mean the policy automatically gives you coverage when you temporarily rent or borrow someone else’s car. […]

Businesses know that fleet accidents and other vehicle accidents at work can cost money and sometimes lives. This blog focuses on how one of our policyholders was faced with the real cost of distracted driving at their company. The policyholder is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor with over 140 service vehicles that […]

Gov. Eric Greitens signed into law Senate Bill 66, which went into effect Aug. 28, to modify the workers’ compensation system and make it more business friendly: – Injured workers will be prohibited from getting third and fourth opinions on their disability rating under the law, and the measure toughens the burden of proof on […]

The truth about hunting leases is that there just isn’t much downside for any of the parties involved. Landowners realize additional revenue while controlling hunter numbers, reducing trespassing issues and creating much safer hunting conditions. Hunters are thrilled to gain access to quality wildlife habitat through leasing. Most hunters place such a high value on […]

Liability issues with pawnshop selling firearms to the public. Lawsuits against firearm dealers generally are filed under one of two theories: irresponsible distribution of firearms that arm those breaking the law and unsafe design of firearms. This latter category is applicable to not only a firearm manufacturer, but also to firearm sellers. These above categories […]

If you’ve been involved in a self-defense shooting, your social media presence may quickly become subject of intense scrutiny. For most of us, when we post online, we are used to engaging only with a fixed circle of our own friends and acquaintances. It’s uncommon for strangers to view our profiles or engage with us […]